Ikaso Mission Statement:

Partnering with the public sector to serve the public interest by providing practical expertise to solve procurement and operational challenges.

Ikaso is driven by an unparalleled client focus. Tackling every project with a fresh perspective, we build our engagements around your organization’s unique needs. Instead of relying on traditional frameworks, we create solutions tailored to your specific business or program concerns.

Ikaso delivers the visibility, control, and insights that public sector executives need to manage and optimize their organizations’ operations. Our comprehensive suite of services help executives design and implement procedural and organizational changes that simplify processes, improve performance, and create savings and efficiencies.

Ikaso’s consultants bring deep expertise in the following areas:

  • Program Design

    • Program transformation/reorganization
    • Business process assessment
    • Procurement law, rule, policy, and process reform
    • Spend analysis and reporting
  • Organization Analysis

    • Organization strategy, design, and reform
    • Workload analysis and optimization
    • Staffing/human resources practices support
  • Procurement Strategy and Support

    • End-to-end strategic sourcing execution
    • Contract analysis and benchmarking
    • Request for Proposal (RFP) development
    • Negotiations strategy
    • Protest mitigation strategies
    • Proposal development
  • Contract Management Support

    • Contract management process analysis
    • Contract monitoring
    • Savings validation program and tools
  • Project Management

    • Marketing materials support
    • Project management
    • Vendor management
    • Grant funding monitoring tools and support
  • Facilitation

    • Data collection, analysis, and strategy summit facilitation
    • Leadership team workshops

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See examples of our project results

“It is critical to ensure project teams include all the right people from my agency and other government departments. When Ikaso is involved, everyone speaks the same language and pursues a common goal of negotiating the best contracts with the highest service levels at the lowest reasonable price. Putting the best programs in place while responsibly stewarding taxpayer dollars happens with Ikaso.”

- Secretary, Health and Human Services Department, Ikaso state government client