Procurement Reform

An incoming state administration was faced with the task of implementing broad-based procurement reform legislation. The mandate required consolidation of existing procurement organizations located within different agencies and operating under different statutes, rules, policies, and procedures. The state contracted with Ikaso to provide strategic guidance for this process, and later to assist with the implementation of Ikaso’s recommended strategies.

Our Approach

Ikaso developed a project approach that started with defining the goals of the state and core outcomes achieved by a best-in-class procurement organization. This framework was used to review existing statutes, rules, policies, and procedures to identify impediments and undiscovered opportunities and establish targeted changes for the consolidation and renewal process to follow.

Ikaso also assessed the existing procurement organization structures against the previously defined core outcomes achieved by a best-in-class procurement organization and benchmarked procurement organizations from peer states with strategic procurement organizations. Our assessment of the "as-is" condition and potential new structures concluded with a recommended organization structure specifically tailored to balance the state’s unique circumstances and address key procurement principles.

Project Results

The client elected to implement Ikaso’s strategic recommendations, and extend our team’s collaboration with the state through an organizational transition that incorporated state HR processes, rule and policy development, and training. During the project, Ikaso provided:

  • Comprehensive review of existing statutes, rules, policies, and procedures to identify impediments to developing a best-in-class procurement organization
  • Strategies to update statutes, consolidate and update incongruous rules, and revise policies and procedures to support a best-in-class procurement organization
  • Top to bottom assessment of existing organization structures to be consolidated in accordance with statutes
  • Benchmarking and identification of procurement organization strategy options, together with state-specific recommendations for a new organization structure to support the statutory mandate
  • Hands-on implementation support for organizational transition, including HR processes
  • Hands-on implementation support for the promulgation of new rules and implementation of policies and procedures for the new organization
  • Leadership and staff training to align individuals with the goals of the new organization