Organizational Staffing Optimization

A state social services agency wanted to assess workloads across four program teams to ensure staffing resources were distributed effectively and used efficiently. The agency engaged Ikaso to perform the analysis by team and develop recommendations for optimal staffing distribution and improved operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Ikaso studied each team on a focused, regional level to account for unique program-specific and geographic circumstances. Initial frameworks for each team were developed by conducting stakeholder interviews and analyzing various types of program data and information. To then build this framework into program-wide recommendations for its executive audience, Ikaso identified a standard workload calculation and performance assessment methods for each team.

Ikaso also considered national benchmarks to identify optimal resource distribution and practices. By comparing the state’s programs to those of peer states, Ikaso recognized both the state’s achievements and areas for improvement. Through this holistic approach to organizational staffing optimization, Ikaso assessed workload on a state-specific and national scale and advised key decision makers on how to align their program operations to meet nationally-recognized best practices and performance targets.

Project Results

  • Program-specific recommendations to optimize staff distributions under several goal-driven scenarios
  • Comprehensive national benchmarking analyses to compare the state’s caseloads and program operations with that of peer states
  • Strategies to develop a system to track, analyze, and respond to key program metrics
  • Practices to encourage and maximize individual staff member productivity given existing objectives and constraints
  • Continued implementation support and guidance