Ikaso improves programs by enhancing design, performance, and accountability, in addition to achieving cost savings. Our principals have created nearly $600 million in contract length savings for clients. Read what our clients have to say or click on the links below to learn more about our recent client successes:

Procurement Reform

Ikaso provided strategic and tactical support to a new state administration as they consolidated existing procurement groups operating under different statutes, rules, policies, and procedures.

Pay for Performance (Risk-based Managed Care)

Ikaso helped a state negotiate a performance-based payment system to reward their managed care vendors for strong performance.

Organizational Staffing Optimization

A state agency partnered with Ikaso to assess workloads across multiple program teams to ensure staffing resources were distributed effectively and used efficiently to improve operational efficiency.

Contract Re-negotiations (Crisis Management)

Ikaso helped a state renegotiate a contract to address overpayment of fees to a vendor due to lower than expected volumes and implement a performance-based fee incentive.

Coordinated Sourcing (State, Local, Governments, and K-12)

Ikaso helped a state explore and implement a cooperative purchasing program with local governments and K-12 education entities and continues to support procurements from this program for a broad set of contracts.

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“Ikaso consultants are exceptional in their ability to facilitate key projects statewide and provide visibility and insight into critical issues that contribute to project success. Thanks to their efforts, we have experienced strong results both in terms of achieving cost savings and avoiding vendor complaints and protests”

- Commissioner, Department of Administration, Ikaso state government client