With deep procurement expertise, Ikaso Consulting has the contracting, negotiation, operations, and project management experience to help governments, health care programs, and social services agencies through program transformations and challenging budgetary times.

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  • “I have worked closely with the Ikaso team on a variety of projects and have found the team highly strategic and analytical, bringing great value to the initiatives they lead. I look to the Ikaso team as trusted advisors and skilled tacticians, playing both roles with exceptional communications skills, great team work, and strong abilities that consistently exceed our expectations.”

    - Commissioner, Department of Administration, Ikaso state government client
  • “It is critical to ensure project teams include all the right people from my agency and other government departments. When Ikaso is involved, everyone speaks the same language and pursues a common goal of negotiating the best contracts with the highest service levels at the lowest reasonable price. Putting the best programs in place while responsibly stewarding taxpayer dollars happens with Ikaso.”

    - Secretary, Health and Human Services Department, Ikaso state government client
  • “Ikaso consultants are exceptional in their ability to facilitate key projects statewide and provide visibility and insight into critical issues that contribute to project success. Thanks to their efforts, we have experienced strong results both in terms of achieving cost savings and avoiding vendor complaints and protests.”

    - Commissioner, Indiana Department of Administration